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We provide a wide range of services and solutions from top manufacturers to help your practice succeed. Our Products

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Buy your required medical equipment with flexible payment plans

Quality Equipment With Payment Plans

Medical Laboratory Products

Our instruments help our clients generate quality test results

Radiology & Hospital Products

We equip diagnostic centres and hospitals with equipment and more,.

Project Management & Consultancy

We work with our clients to plan and manage projects and programs from start to finish,
Medical Equipment

Committed to providing quality solutions with longterm impact

Sigma MediQuip Ltd is a full-service provider of a complete range of medical equipment and complementary services – ranging from technical support, on-site installation and training of staff to maintenance contracting and after-sales services.

We provide a complete portfolio of equipment, which satisfies the need of any medical facility – from diagnostic centres to general medical and surgical units to maternity departments and intensive care units.

Sales , Servicing & Training!

We help our customers achieve optimal use of their purchased hospital equipment by offering installation, training and customised maintenance plans
Affordable quality care products

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    Sigma Mediquip is a best-in-class provider of world class medical equipment and financing solutions.

    Increased Demand for quality healthcare

    Demand for premium, innovative and high quality healthcare has been increasing all over the world; this is especially true for a high growth country like Nigeria

    quality services

    The services offered by your medical facility depend upon the equipment you use. The better the infrastructure, the more premium your services become.

    Meet National growing demand in the industry

    To fulfil the demands of this growing market, it is imperative for you to offer the most technologically advanced forms of medical treatment and related services.

    upgrade your facility

    If you’ve been dreaming of upgrading your facility by adding the latest in new and modern technology, Sigma Mediquip is here to assist. We can help you achieve your dreams.

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