HemoCue HB 201 Analyzer HemoGlobin Microcuvette 50 count


Lab Quality Tests at the Point of Care

The HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM Systems consist of portable analyzers together with specially designed microcuvettes. The systems provide lab-quality results at the point of care. The systems are factory calibrated without the need off further calibration.

HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM Systems

The correct volume of sample is drawn into the microcuvette by capillary action, it is spontaneously mixed with the reagents in the cuvette cavity. This gives the advantage that no mixing of reagents, dispensing or pipetting is required.

The systems are available in two measuring units (g/dL and mmol/L).
Conversion between this units can also be calcluated with a conversion calculator.

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Why HemoCue

HemoCue is a global leader in a field of diagnostics known as near patient, or point-of-care, testing. In 1982, HemoCue AB, based in Ängelholm, Sweden, introduced the first system making accurate hemoglobin testing possible in near-patient settings. Since then, more than 350,000 HemoCue systems have been sold worldwide. The company also sells point-of-care tests for glucose, urine albumin, HbA1c, total and differential white blood cell count.

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HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM Systems

The HemoCue 201 DM systems for Hemoglobin with data management functions allow healthcare providers to ensure the authorized and appropriate use of the analyzers. By means of a wide range of settings and definable options, the systems can be made to prompt the operator for identification, batch numbers, quality control and other required information before analysis. The information may be entered as free text or by use of the built-in barcode scanner. All stored information is easily reviewed or transferred automatically into a computerized information system.

HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM Systems models:

  • HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM (g/DL)
  • HemoCue Hemoglobin 201 DM (mmol/L)
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